Monday Motivation and The Art of Taking Action


I’m challenging myself to shut off the autopilot switch on this brain of mine and and move forward with deliberate and intentional steps today. This can’t be done if I’m always “future-ing” – constantly thinking about my fears and concerns about the future, sinking into the trance of troubles to come and not focused on what must get done in order to get where I want to be.

It seems so simple, but it’s not that easy. Why? Mel Robbins does a great job of explaining how to activate your energy with the intentional force required to change what you are doing on autopilot to do something new. We need to do the hard stuff we don’t want to do, so we can be everything we are suppose to be. Watch Mel Robbins 

I’ve been enjoying Brian Johnson’s Philosopher’s Notes channel on YouTube. His short summary  of Greg Krech’s book The Art of Taking Action (25 years of self-mastery Japanese psychology) is excellent. This is definitely on my must read list. 
The Art of Taking Action: Lessons from Japanese Psychology

Going after something you really want? Listen and take action on those ideas, those impulses that float into your brain and than immediately jump on them. In her Ted Talk, Mel explains that you will be even more successful in the long run if you do something (no matter how small) within 5 (five) seconds of having an impulse or idea. The action of making that idea happen is what will get you closer to your goal. So go ahead, write that email, craft that tweet, go for that fun, prepare that meal, make that call, send the text. Just do it. Now.

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