No News No Shoes

It’s the first time I have heard the expression “no news no shoes” and I’m adopting it as my new mindful mantra. Unplugging and experiencing life in the moment, wherever I might be, when I need a break. It’s such a healthy ritual, that can be practiced daily.

Also focusing on tapping into a more mindful response to dealing with stress. The 6,2,7 breathing technique (inhale slowly for six counts through the nose, hold for two and exhale slowly for seven through the mouth) has helped me cultivate a more empowering energy to carry on through the day.  

Yes it is true – you can manage the physiological symptoms of stress (racing heart, increased energy, sweaty palms, etc) by redirecting the nervous energy to fuel your excitement. 

My second favorite new thought for the day -Practice makes permanent. If I want to become really great at something than I must devote myself to a daily commitment of practice. 

What are you practicing today? 


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