The Powerful Practice of Mindfulness

morningWith mindfulness we live in the present moment. This is not, however, where most of us currently spend a lot of time. We topple forward into the future and worry about the next day or month or year. We think about what happened yesterday or last week or five years ago. We plan a vacation for months, then when we’re finally lounging on the beach, our mind drifts off to the problems we left at home. The habit of being a little (or a lot) ahead of ourselves, living in the past, or lost in fantasy, extracts an enormous price: We miss out on our life.

Quotes from a book I am reading now.

Awakening Joy: 10 Steps to Happiness

If you are in the US and taking some time off for Labor Day, I truly hope you enjoy a mindful, peaceful and fun-filled three-day weekend.


  1. I agree, it will benefit our whole being if we are mindful in everything that we do. Our daily activities come from our minds and thoughts and if we are mindful and capture what would lead us to a better living, we will benefit in the long run. Thanks for leaving a comment and like on my recent post. I truly appreciate it.

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  2. Loving your posts- your writing is calming in a way 🙂 I just began meditation and I had no idea what an impact it makes. This post made me think of how it has changed me for the better.


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