What I Like About You

heart_shaped_shimshal_lake_pakistanWhat I adore about me is you. Yes, you.

I am enthusiastically curious about you. I  have a genuine interest in learning more about how you think, how you live, what works for you, floats your boat, inspires and ignites your soul.

Ever since I was a teen, I’ve been absorbed and engrossed in learning about others. I use to draft interview scripts for all of my friends. Yes, I was that annoying girl. Pusher of The Proust Questionnaire.

The purpose of my blog “Undisputed Origin” is to inspire all of us to the magic of this amazing moment right now, our connectivity and the wonders of this world.

My motto –  Lighten up, Spark Joy, Create Love.

I would love it if you would respond by answering one of the following questions.

  • What is your idea of perfect happiness?
  • What is the trait you most deplore in yourself?
  • What do you value most in your friends?
  • What is your motto?

These Horns Were Made for Tooting


  1. I have lived by the saying “if you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got”. It spurred me on through bad times and made me step right outside of my comfort zone, regularly. I have grown massively for it.

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  2. You asked Madeline so here goes. You are getting all four. I’m feeling generous. 🙂 My idea of perfect happiness is what I am doing right now. Traveling the world in a van with my partner. It is truly awesome and so humbling. I most deplore my need to be in control. I am a leader and hate letting other people take the reigns. No one can organise ANYTHING better than I can. Ha ha but I am learning to embrace losing control and not making plans or all of the decisions. Travel definitely helps with this! I most value honesty in my friends. A friendship without honesty is not a true friendship and I would always hope, that no matter how much I may not want to hear it, my friends are always honest with me. Finally, I don’t really have a motto but I do try to consciously make an effort to live and breathe every moment, good, bad and ugly so that you feel truly alive. To not feel is to not live.

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    1. You are so lucky! Traveling with your partner. So fun – and you are a great organizer – oh God I need your help. Would you like to write a post and share some tips? Going to check out your blog right now to see where you are!


      1. Ha ha not sure about tips… I just THINK I am a good organiser. Currently I am in Belgium. The blog is just starting out but is lagging behind a little with minimal wifi access here. Thanks for the reply.

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  3. Perfect happiness for me is when my inner impulse and my outer conduct is in coherence. Unhappiness is the result of a severed link between the inner and the outer.

    I value honesty and integrity in my friends. I understand the consequences of dishonesty and self-deceit. Therefore honesty and integrity are important to me.

    My challenge right now is balancing projects. Moving back and forth between intuitive-feeling based projects, and intellectual-thinking based has been a challenge recently.

    My motto is Life Life Alive! I feel that so many people are living life half-asleep, almost giving up on themselves. I feel deeply that everything we do in this life makes a huge dent on where we end up after this life. Thus my motto reminds me to stay present, awake and aware, and that my daily efforts are adding up to something greater than my ego can comprehend.


    1. *Moving back and forth between projects of different natures causes my mind to dissociate. It’s like the idea of chasing two rabbits – you catch none. That’s my personal challange, being able to shift into the necessary mind set for a project without dissociating myself from any other projects.


    2. Charlie – it’s so true about so many living in a trance – sometimes I catch myself sleep walking but meditation helps we wake upbto the monkey mind. I wonder why you are having a challenge balancing intuitive and intellectual projects. Is it a struggle with time – how much to spend on each?


  4. Well I’ll try to explain the challenge. As a musician, if I’m focusing on a project, I see the world through a musical lens (I’ve been focusing on music recently, which is my intuitive-feeling based act of expression.) Everything becomes musical in its inspirational value. But I don’t want to be stuck as a musician as I have much more to share. This is the challenge.

    I get lost in that musical mode of peception and my mind becomes very one-pointed. If I turn to my writing, for example, that same musical impulse follows me into those areas and interferes with the mode of being required for that specific project because the musical mindset persists.

    My challenge has been to keep my musical mindset in its place so that I can constructively juggle projects without one over-ruling another.

    You may be on to something with the use of time. In fact, as I’m typing this I’ve just had a massive insight regarding the use of time that may help resolve my situation. I have to thank you for triggering it! It’s amazing how a few words can bring someone to a greater realization – this is why I love blogging.

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  5. Thank you for your thoughts Madeline. They have been helpful. You’re absolutely right – everything is going the way it needs to go for us to evolve.


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