We Have To Stop

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  Growing in popularity, Instagram’s @We_have_to_stop  is dedicated to capturing people on their phones and devices while in public.  

A crowd-sourced account that documents the social isolation and bizarre relationships we have with our devices of delusion in a world of increasing chaos and confusion.

Photos of people around the world, taking selfies, posting updates, merging calls, drafting emails, filming injustices, snapping and filtering their every meal. 

My Friend Gary calls this the severe maladaptive behavior of Generation K – as in Kardashians.

I wonder what it will take to wake the world up again to true human interaction, face-to-face communication and  co-existence  with compassion.

The Author

Inspiring everyone to become the very best they can be while leading more passionate, purposeful lives filled with gratitude and greatness. Studying and curating the very best experts and masters of mind, body and soul for improving performance, achieving greatness and living a thoughtful and intentional life. Obsessed with how technology can improve our fitness, meditation and mindful practices while reducing stress and creating calm amidst the chaos of modern existence.


  1. Technology and the instant access it provides has altered the face of the world. The impact was originally good but it slowly being corrupted into a mass loss of self identity. the only thing that can change it is unfortunately a catastrophe.

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    • I know, I think that way too Chad and I really don’t want to. Perhaps we will become more “evolved” with technology and develop healthier habits as we get use to smart phones, tablets and 24/7 access to the world. Then again, I think it will take something huge to spark real time conversation. Thanks for sharing.

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