The Root and Foundation of All Our Success


Imagine if you will, your life as a big beautiful fruit tree producing juicy, delicious, beautiful fruit, season after season.  Now follow the fruit down to the roots of your tree. Your foundation, your subconscious is the emotion and mental form that you have strengthened day in and day out. Your roots are healthy and absorbing all of the organic and sustainable nutrients from the depths of your beliefs, confidence and core which are your roots.

How do you nourish your roots?

The fruit and harvest here represents the results of the path of your life, all of the goodness in your life. The loving relationships that you have cultivated with your friends and family members, the savings and investments in your accounts, the career path you are currently on, how energized and healthy you feel and the talents and skills you are building every day.

The quality of your fruit is dependent on the quality of your roots and what you are doing every day to feed those roots. Are you forgiving to those who you love? Are you making time for friends and family? Are you working to your best ability each day? Are you exercising your mind and body to nourish your roots?

Love What Is & No Quick Fixes

Perhaps your fruit tree is not bearing the quantity or quality of fruit you would like. Because your fruit is dependent upon how you feed your roots, no amount of quick fixes to prune, spray or feed is going to change the quality of your bounty, neither will it make it better or healthier. No get rich quick fix schemes will produce the harvest you desire. No fast fad diet will have you sustainably losing weight and feeling healthier. The real juicy fruit and rich bountiful harvest comes from nourishing your foundation and weeding your subconscious, through daily habits that when done diligently, patiently, persistently and willingly, will produce healthier fruit for you, season after season.

If your tree of life is not producing precisely what you want now, do not give up. Love what is – what you have right now and ask yourself, What can I do differently today, to nourish the foundation of my mind, body and soul for a better harvest tomorrow?

Inspired by the book Secrets of the Millionaire Mind: Mastering the Inner Game of Wealth

Pear Trees

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