It Starts With Self Approval

If you want to become the brightest version of yourself than you must remain devoted to the path of learning and self-discovery for the rest of your life.

Try Self Authoring

It is all up to you. Promise yourself that you will remain focused on living up to who you think you should be and make a real effort to look after yourself daily.   Make a commitment right now that you will devote your time wisely to learning more about who you are and what you need and what you want in this precious lifetime. You don’t have time for fear or self-doubt.


Repurpose your pain. There is nothing that cannot be used in the process of life development. All of the nonsense that we have experienced and will continue to experience can be viewed as the compost in which we seed and grow our new life.

If we can change our attitude about the problems and pain we have gone through we can respond differently to what is happening to us.  This is in and of itself is the beginning of change.

Do not seek approval from others. Ask for feedback instead. Find people who will care about you and support you.


Approve of yourself and appreciate your life now.  Be grateful for the time you have and embrace how valuable a single moment really is. The time is now.

Commit to squeezing out the best of the 1,440 minutes you have in each day.


Featured Artwork

Ellen Pau

A self-taught video artist, Ellen Pau inhabits many roles in Hong Kong art scene, as an independent cinematographer, curator, and art critic. Her single-channel videos and video installation works are extensively exhibited worldwide. Pau is the founder of Videotage and a director for the Microwave International New Media Art Festival. In recent years, she expanded her research to Asian new-media art and worked as an art consultant with her newly founded company Inter-Act Arts.


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