Stop Judging Start Growing

So, it started with a thought about how grateful I am feeling this morning and how I should never be more grateful for one day over another because every moment is a miracle.  Then I hit on idea that really resonates for me and I believe it might for you.

Our lives can really develop when we look at everything that happens to us with a fresh new pair of eyes. When we look at all difficulties as an opportunity to learn. I really believe that everything that happens to us is an opportunity to grow, especially situations that we avoid, people that rub us the wrong way and behavior that drives us crazy.


What Stops Us From Growing

The problem is, the act of judging everything is our default. When something happens, anything really – the first thing we do is make a judgement. We decide what that incident means to us and how we should think or feel about it. It could be good, bad or we might feel indifferent to it, but it either delights us, offends us or we pass it by.

The very act of judging keeps us small-minded, tight, closed up and living in our own tiny little worlds where we get to rule what is right and wrong and there we stay, governing over our tiny little villages, never to truly rub up against the magnificence of this mysterious and magical universe.

But I argue for the opposite. What if we were to burn down our small-minded worlds and take down the walls we have constructed to protect our hearts and minds? What if we were to take a leap of faith and choose to live a life that is more open to limitless possibilities?


What if we decided to stop walking around trying to protect and guard our minds, opinions and false beliefs and we decided to remain in a constant flow of curiosity about the world.

When we keep our minds and hearts wide open, we take a continuous leap of faith into the unknown. We don’t walk around thinking we know everything. Thinking we know everything is exactly how we don’t grow.  So I challenge you instead to stop judging everything so you might expand your world.  It starts by exposing ourselves to our judgmental minds.


The struggle is to remove all of our harmful judgements. Our personal growth expands when we strive to see through our preconceived notions. We become stronger every time we beg for the lesson, instead of bow our heads in disbelief.

When you approach every person, problem and situation in life with this curiosity, your world will expand and your mind and heart will grow.



A Simple Method to Avoid Being Judgmental

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