A Change of Scene

The best way to predict your future is to create it from the unknown.

– Dr. Joe Dispenza

Parts of me are very tired of my life. Some parts are bored, other parts are fed up and perhaps some parts very disappointed. That’s not to say I am a sad and disheartened person. Absolutely not.  I am proud of some of my accomplishments and grateful for what I have.  It’s just that I am not completely satisfied with where I am right now.

How about you? Are you where you want to be?


As Dr. Joe Dispenza explains, true change begins when we start to challenge old thinking and rewire our brains by learning something new.

My personal goals . . .

  • To overcome my subconscious thoughts
  • To modify my automatic habits and behaviors
  • To examine the emotions that drive my day
  • To script a new vision of my life

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I am tired of thinking the same thoughts, making the same choices, behaving in the same manner and reproducing the same experiences day in and day out.

I am challenging myself to create a vision of my future that is grander and greater than my current environment and circumstances.

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