Living Your Life On Purpose

There is no greater feeling of accomplishment than knowing you have a purpose- knowing that you are making a difference – knowing that you are contributing to something that is good.


There is just too much emphasis today on “finding your purpose” and not enough encouragement to live a life filled with intention. There is a difference between finding one’s purpose and living daily with intention. Today I am thinking about how one can find their purpose when they decide to live their lives like everything is on purpose.


Everything you do, can be done with more intention and with more purpose. Finding your purpose does not have to be a huge wrestle with wonder and worry.

Discovering your purpose does not have to lead to endless self-reflection and a struggle to uncover your true passion.

You can start right here, right now and ask yourself one simple question – What is the purpose of what I am doing right now? This one question helps to breathe new meaning into your life.


What is the purpose of sitting down and writing this post? 

The purpose of this post is to share a bit of wisdom  about what it means to live with purpose. This is my contribution to the world today.

What is the purpose of my morning routine?

The purpose of eating a healthy breakfast and going to the gym this morning is to keep my mind and body strong.

What is the purpose of my work?

The purpose of my work today is to help others growth their businesses and build their dreams.

And so forth. . .

Everything I do must have a purpose, or I simply won’t do it. Even wasting some time watching Netflix or surfing through YouTube has a purpose for me. The purpose might be two fold – the taking a moment to relax and discovering something new that interests me.

I believe that once you start asking yourself why you do what you do, you begin to live with more intention. This “why” question also helps you understand more about yourself and in turn makes you more self aware and connected to your life purpose.


Read:  Think Straight by Darius Foroux


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