How to Know What’s True

Weed out the lies in your life, so that new truths may grow. By Madeline Johnson


Pity our egos – lost and directionless with no access to reality.

Everything experienced through our hopes, dreams and aspirations – through our perception.

And anything that does not meet our expectations, is so difficult to accept.

This is because we wrestle with releasing our ignorance and expectations.

We become so identified with our illusions that we forget who we are and what is real.


The truth is essential even when you don’t like what you hear.

Honor your life. Accept it as it is. Today, and right now.

Do this so that the honest and decent moments you are waiting for don’t pass you by.

Work with what you have.

Truth and acceptance make for a great foundation in reality – the ideal soil for new possibilities and  beginnings.

Weed out the lies in your life, so that new truths may grow.

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Author: Madeline Johnson

I help health, fitness, nutrition and beauty businesses grow. Specifically, businesses building things to make us look and feel great, so that includes fashion, tech and spas too. I have two sites, one about marketing and brand building, which is and another which I started to inspire everyone to become the very best they can be while leading more purposeful lives filled with gratitude and greatness. Both sites include studying and curating the very best experts and masters for improving performance, achieving success and living a thoughtful and intentional life. I am also obsessed with how technology can improve our health, fitness, nutrition, meditation and mindful practices while reducing stress and creating calm amidst the chaos of modern existence. Both sites are about my interest in self-discovery and personal growth.

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