Recognizing The Gems From The Junk

Welcome another day. This one cool, wet, windy and wild. The weather is doing its thing. A downpour upon us. Everything is sopping.

This day, a new day, so many different ways to play it.  Flow a little, push a little, try a little. Put some things down for good.


Some mornings it feels like I am being forced back into existence.  This time perhaps, a bit more discerning. Not skeptical or cynical, no not that.

I rise with more intention. To be more discriminating about my life – about what I say, I do or agree to.

Which makes sense, because someone with discerning tastes or a discerning eye is good at distinguishing the good from the bad and sifting out the gems from the junk.

So I spend some time fine tuning my mind. Scanning my brain and examining my heart. It’s a good exercising for the early hours. Oh inner wisdom, do tell me what I need right now.


The seeking, wanting, and knowing the difference about the way things are and the way things could be.  I didn’t say should, I said, could.

Viveka – To Perceive More Clearly

Discernment is described as “keen perception; insight; acumen”.  Viveka, the Sanskrit word for discernment, is about seeing things as they are. Insight is seeing into something, from our inner self, not from outer rigid standards, opinions, or social pressures.  When we use Viveka, we are tapping into something much deeper than our egos passing judgment.  We are using the ability to perceive clearly.

Viveka is a Sanskrit term that can be translated as “right understanding,” “discrimination” or “discrimination knowledge.” It is one of the four attributes of a spiritual disciple. It is the ability to differentiate between the real and unreal, eternal and temporary, Self and non-Self, pleasure and bliss. It is a spiritual practice of realizing the Truth and the Soul.

For a while I was seeking the truth. I wanted to be absolutely certain.


Now, like a cosmic sleuth,  I seek the soul truth.

There is always far more to be seen than the obvious. Tune within yourself to connect.


My soul says no.

When we say yes to everything, we are lazy. It’s difficult to make decisions. Decisions take thought and energy.

Do fewer unimportant things in order to do important things more frequently.

We learn by default every day anyway. Why not be more selective about what we absorb?

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