Paying Attention to Your Life

Becoming the best version of oneself is not for the lazy and undisciplined, or those in denial.  One does not simply declare that one will be kinder, better, healthier and happier.  It takes work.

Best versions come with the act of owning one’s life while taking responsibility for everything that happens. It takes courage and humility.


Self-reflection and self-examination takes time and trust. Trust in yourself.

If you are truly committed to transforming your life, you must ask yourself .  . .

What is the greatest expression of myself that I can present to the world today?


or in other words. . . .

What must I do in order not to shrink back

into mediocracy? 

Reflecting on this past week, I have noticed some habits that I must change. The habit of fighting my life. The habit of waking up in the morning and feeling overwhelmed about how much I must accomplish in a day – work, chores, family. . . I am so habitually tied to the “woe is me, I must do it all” track in my mind that I become small, resentful and victimized.

No more of that. You cannot fight your life and live it at the same time. It takes acceptance.

Of course there is so much to do. Welcome to the world of the living.


I also notice that when I look in the mirror, I do not like what I see. This makes me incredibly sad. My body is not perfect enough, my eyes look tired, my shoulders are stressed and sore. My clothes aren’t new enough, my hair is a mess, my style isn’t up to my standards.  On and on and on.

Who is this enemy staring back at me? Why am I fighting myself?

Why do I continue to let these emotions, thoughts and experiences hold me back?

What must I undo, in order to become unstuck? What can I do, to avoid these habitual traps? How can I approach my dirty, filthy habit of self-judging?

Today, I begin by paying closer attention to my life.


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Beth Hoeckel


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