The Willingness to See Things Differently

I am not a follower of the formal type of prayer found in churches, mosques and temples, unless the prayer be felt with the intention of pure trust, belief and faith. Not one word be left unfelt.

I prefer to believe in a living, breathing type of prayer that becomes a part of your essence – an embodying prayer – prayer that is weaved into your existence of being throughout every minute of the day.  Prayer that helps you see the miracle of each breath.

The type of prayer that becomes the beat of your heart, the thoughts in your mind and the essence of your soul and takes over your life with trust. Prayer that keep your spirit aloft.

The type of prayer that is baked in trust. Trust in God, the Universe and a higher intelligence.

Pray is a psychological opening to something new. It opens up our minds to something different. When you are praying, you are saying, “I am willing to see this differently”. Prayer opens up our inner wisdom. 

– Jordan Bach.

Anytime I feel the need to control someone or something in my life, anytime I feel like everything will be better after – I finish this project, only when I lose the last five pounds, during that much needed vacation, forgiving this person, etc. . .  I suffer. I suffer because I am trying to play God with my life. I suffer because I think that I am alone and not enough.  I think that my plans are better than God’s plans for me.

Go in God’s good time, with Good Orderly Direction.

Every day is another day to surrender to the greater good that God has in store for us.

let go.png

Our aim might be to spend all of our days in a form of grateful prayer that confirms that we will receive exactly what we need, not what we think we want.


Set your sights high, choose an adventurous path but take your hands off the map, God is a better navigator of your life.


Featured Artist

Hüseyin Şahin (born 1990) is a visual artist and art director from Turkey based in Istanbul.

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