God Thinking Through Me

It’s never too late to honor your life, to treat your life like a great adventure. Send yourself off on a truth-seeking journey.

I asked God this morning to get specific about his plans for me. I told him, look, if I just understood what you wanted me to do, I’d be on it already, without hesitation.

Just give me a sign. Something I can understand.

And then I sat still for a while.  A few words came to me and I think it might have been God thinking through me.

Relax. Stay excited and enthused.

Don’t give up on life, no matter what.

Come out of hiding and do what you love.

Do not take anything for granted.

Teach, mentor, learn, share.

Relax some more.

Know for certain that everything is okay. It always is.

Stay assured, confident, faithful.

Be bright. Be light.

Be a torch in the dark.

Project your energy for kinder, gentler, lovelier purposes.


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