Best Use of Your Super Powers

You have super powers. You do. We all do.

You can choose to ignore your super powers and let them got to waste, or you can ignite them today and do some good in the world. We need more goodness.

Super Power #1 Your Imagination

Activating your imagination is a super blessing. We can create something that wasn’t there before, even if it’s only in our minds. Use your imagination to create beautiful things.

Super Power #2 Your Impactful Connection

You connect with life through reaching out. You can touch another with words, thoughts and prayer or with your hands and your body.  Use your ability to touch and connect to send loving kindness to the world. We need more of that. Less critics and more lovers. A hug is a great super power tool. Hug more people today.

Super Power #3 Your Smile

Another wonderful connector. A smile can light up a whole room. I know mine does. Smile today and turn on the love light in everyone you meet. Your smile is a reminder to everyone to remember, it’s all okay.

Super Power #4 Your Words

They are powerful. The words we choose have a remarkable way of bringing goodness out in the world.  Choose your words wisely. Let them encourage someone today.

Super Power #5 Your Thoughts

Your thoughts help you navigate the world. Where do you want to go next? What is your purpose today? Guard your thoughts. Think better. Clearer. Smarter.

“To lead a free life, a person must separate him/herself from negative imprinting and remain open and vulnerable,”


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Author: Madeline Johnson

I help health, fitness, nutrition and beauty businesses grow. Specifically, businesses building things to make us look and feel great, so that includes fashion, tech and spas too. I have two sites, one about marketing and brand building, which is and another which I started to inspire everyone to become the very best they can be while leading more purposeful lives filled with gratitude and greatness. Both sites include studying and curating the very best experts and masters for improving performance, achieving success and living a thoughtful and intentional life. I am also obsessed with how technology can improve our health, fitness, nutrition, meditation and mindful practices while reducing stress and creating calm amidst the chaos of modern existence. Both sites are about my interest in self-discovery and personal growth.

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