Lessons of Love & Effortless Action

If love is to be my teacher, then I begin with the important questions.


Let’s interrogate love a little, shall we?

What would love teach me about trust?

Life is a continuous act of healing and forgiveness.

What would love teach me about understanding myself?

I am a sacred miracle. A divine work of art. So are you.

What would love teach me about my work?

Create everything with loving intention and attention.

What would love teach me about feeling abundant?

What we receive and how much we receive is a sign of respect for the value we give.

What is love’s lesson about life?

Every thought, word and action is infused with the divine grace to heal all suffering.


What would love say about letting go and surrendering to the divine?

Replace stress and struggle with a sense of living freely – with effortless action.

Wu Wei (pronounced ooo- way) is the early Chinese philosophy (Confucianism and Taoism) of effortless action. The art of not trying. We might understand it as a state of flow.

Do not try to be effortless.

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