The Power of No

It’s amazing how much lighter life feels when you let go of the weight. It’s as if you grow wings. Fly baby fly.

If you say no to someone, and they get angry, it doesn’t mean you should have said yes.

You can soar now.


Yes, you have permission, you can hang up your cape. Go ahead now, let someone else swoop up and save the day. 

I promise you, you still matter. You matter very much.

What were you thinking?

I know what you were lacking. A bit of self-worth.

You – everyone to everybody but you.

Look at you now.  No longer feeling the need to shoulder the many burdens.

Isn’t it so strange how we decided to pick them up in the first place? Even odder – how we get use to the weight and the heaving lifting. We don’t even notice how much we are bearing, until we put them down.


Life becomes light as you put down the problems you are not suppose to solve.


You are done with lifting and lugging around the guilt and pain you never caused.


You give up trying to fix other people’s lives, and let them own their own. You give them the gift  to mend and heal their own pain.

Because it was never yours to hold in the first place.


Featured Artist

Maurizio L’Atrella


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