Sacred Moments

We can only have moments of enlightenment because if we were ever to truly realize how sacred life is. Madeline Johnson

Why can we only achieve flashes of enlightenment? Split seconds of divine inspiration and realization?

Because if we were ever to actually realize how sacred life is, our minds would be blown away beyond our wildest imaginations. Life, us, we are just too magnificently divine.

Everything in life sacred. Everything is spiritual. Everything is astonishing.

It’s so easy to glaze over advice to be more grateful for everything in your life because, well, everyone is on their gratitude game now. The “be thankful” message is blasted all over social media and it’s so easy to swipe up with a nod in agreement and then in the same moment complain about how horrible people can be, or how your life is just not good right now. You are just soooooo busy with this and that.

That moment is when you miss the mark. A sin really.

How Not to Gloss Over the Wonders of Being Grateful

When you examine what the act of appreciation does for you and how it transforms your life, you will see it is like a strong dose of pure magic. To be grateful for what you do have in life, down to the very breath you are taking right now (yes, that is a gift), is to paint a new reality right before your eyes.

It is a reminder that everything is sacred.

To acknowledge the gift of a home cooked meal, will turn those scrambled eggs and toast into a feast of nourishment that warms your heart.

To recognize a text from a friend who is just checking in, can take a lonely and “busy” moment to a new level of love and understanding.

To welcome the opportunity to help a family member in need of advice will  elevate your consciousness from “what an interruption” to a much more meaningful moment in your life.


According to UCLA’s Mindfulness Awareness Research Center, regularly expressing gratitude (the quality of being thankful and readiness to show appreciation) literally changes the molecular structure of the brain, keeps the gray matter functioning, and makes us healthier and happier.

When you really think about it, the mere moment of appreciation is an act of pure alchemy. Golden.


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Author: Madeline Johnson

I help health, fitness, nutrition and beauty businesses grow. Specifically, businesses building things to make us look and feel great, so that includes fashion, tech and spas too. I have two sites, one about marketing and brand building, which is and another which I started to inspire everyone to become the very best they can be while leading more purposeful lives filled with gratitude and greatness. Both sites include studying and curating the very best experts and masters for improving performance, achieving success and living a thoughtful and intentional life. I am also obsessed with how technology can improve our health, fitness, nutrition, meditation and mindful practices while reducing stress and creating calm amidst the chaos of modern existence. Both sites are about my interest in self-discovery and personal growth.

2 thoughts on “Sacred Moments”

  1. ✨I felt every word of this post💫I am continually bringing myself into the present to truly appreciate as many small blessings possible💫Literally agree with all you wrote~have a wonderful week💞✨


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