Living An Illusion of Your Own Making

I have been thinking about the importance of knowing the difference between the fiction in my mind vs the reality that is happening right now.

At times I catch myself living an illusion of my own making.  I daydream my way into future disasters.

What helps is focusing on mental training.   When my mind runs away with the “what ifs?”  and I feel the flush in my face and my heart begin to race, I take a deep pause and ask myself but What is going on right now?

I bring my mind back to the present moment.


I wrote this earlier this morning.

The dawn was breaking, the birds were singing, the cars were buzzing down the road.

I took a deep breath and realized, everything is okay in this moment right now.

Peaceful, serene.

In reality, yes there is a lot going on in the world right now, but it was also quite a peaceful moment and beautiful morning.

My heart knows that all is okay in this moment too.

This perfect moment when I am in the presence of God.




Featured Artist Thomas Barbery

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