Just Being With The Crisis of Covid19

It is a crisis like this that can create conditions that bring us closer to our true nature.

A crisis like Covid19 can bring out the truth in who we are and what we need.

I am thinking today about my need for serenity.

To be at peace. To just be.


First, I empty every emotion and thought that occupies my mind, so that I may be filled with the Holy Grace of this Moment.

This happens with meditation.

Inner world

Earnestly letting go of everything.

What must I still let go of?

  • My need for control.
  • My desire to be safe.
  • My longing for respect.
  • My nagging need for approval.

What must I give up to experience this moment?

  • All thoughts of the the past and the future.
  • Any desire for things to be different.
  • The clinging to wanting this to pass.






Featured Artist Francis Bacon

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