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Be The Light You Need

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And in the word’s of William Shakespeare. . . “It is not in the stars to hold our destiny but in ourselves.” Your fate is in your beliefs and behavior, and how you respond to life events.   Those who have been reading know that I am working on improving my behavior. Here I share a few things that have changed. These are new perspectives that have helped me grow. 1. I have let go […]

Is This The Person You Want to Be?

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Our motives are goal directed activities that energize and direct our behavior. Our motives support what we do, how we behave and what we put forth in the world. Sometimes our motives are simply the presentation of how we hope the world perceives us. Powerful . . Intelligent . . Foxy. . . Strong. . . Compassionate . . . Sometimes though, we have to make choices. Choices between doing what we want to do and what we […]

This Day Was Made for Adventure

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Last night I closed my eyes before falling to sleep and made a decision. I want every day to feel more exciting and adventurous.   Or in other words. . . . A common song sung to a great melody is another way to find beauty. – The Art of Writing, Lu Chi’s Wen Fu. So, today showed up again. In all it’s predictable glory. The same usual sunrise, just slightly different. Another clean and clear slate of […]

Painfully Grateful, Tragically Optimistic

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While it is easy to be grateful for the abundance of gifts in our lives, especially on Thanksgiving -all of the goodness – our freedom, our families, friends and the food on our table, it’s appreciation for those that have caused us hurt and pain that give us a real opportunity to truly grow and evolve. Give gratitude and forgiveness, because those that hurt, hurt. They need it the most. When we remember that those that hurt […]

To My King Bee Rider – A Time for ThanksGregging

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Today I honor, acknowledge, applaud, celebrate and recognize the watchful one, my husband, partner, collaborator and best friend, my Knight and Day, Sir Gregory Johnson on his birthday.   My wish for him today and everyday – that he may remain awake, alert and aware to the divine truth within him and continue to co-create and prevail with God.  Stand tall in the tower Gregory. I support you in every way. Gregory, extraordinarily beautiful yet slightly out of focus, this […]

The Goods

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I woke up this morning, looking up at the beautiful early dawn and realized, for the very first time, I am not entitled to today.  Today is truly a gift. This feeling filled my heart with the deepest gratitude I have ever felt. Everything that I have today, every breath, every meal, the work I get to do, my husband, my children, the hot shower I took, this warm cup of coffee, these are all gifts. […]

Living Your Real Purpose, A To Do List

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I’m not sure you find your purpose, I think you live your purpose.  If my purpose is to become the best version of me, then what would the best version of me do today? The unbeatable version of me? The most self-respecting version? The most loving version of me? What action can I take today to be that person right now?  Criticize less and compliment more. Let others do things their own way. Talk only when necessary. […]

Something to Smile About

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Meditation is not just all breathing and quieting the mind. There are many types of meditation techniques including my absolute favorite, Smile Meditation. So, in honor of #worldsmileday  I share with you a simple way to lighten up and spark joy. To begin the inner-smile meditation, sit comfortably on a pillow or chair with your palms on your knees. Straighten your spine, lifting it up from the top of your head. Then relax the muscles […]

True Grit, The Act of Envisioning and Living to 100

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I am adding yet another new daily habit of 30 minutes of focus and deep concentration by journaling precisely what I want to create in life with the honest intention of being in service to everyone I meet.  I imagine and behold a (super) better version of myself, eliminating any negative thoughts including envy, hatred, judgement, selfishness or cynicism. No matter what, I will carve out this time to make sure this becomes a ritual in my […]

The Art of Mindful Living and Challenging Your False Limitations

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Living mostly in our minds we notice that it travels constantly between the past and the future. It rarely ever stops for a visit in the present moment. Questioning Your Limiting Beliefs Training oneself to awaken to the moment right now, to just stop the  senseless, ruminating thoughts and mindless chatter in the brain for just a second can help us break through false limits we have created for ourselves. How it Works Here were […]