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Wise Advice for Waking Up to Your Life

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Here’s a Damn Good Recipe for Failure & Unhappiness, for a life of misery. Be self-righteous, wallow in self-pity, drown the day in fear and complacency. Look at your life and others with anxiety, jealousy, and hatred. Now here’s a More Delicious Recipe for Harmony, Peace & Happiness, for an extraordinary life. Take it on the chin. Be flexible, resilient, forgive more. Work smart and hard and always look at life with confidence and gratitude. […]

Zero Calorie Foods, If/Then Snacking, Saying Grace and 3 Fab NYC Kitchen Supply Stores

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  Have you ever noticed how extremely grateful dogs seem to be when you throw them a bone or dish up their chow? Like they are eating for the very first time. Saying Grace Taking a moment of gratitude before each meal is a mindful and thoughtful approach to eating and enjoying time together. I’ve noticed a few times that this can make guests at the table a little uncomfortable. Perhaps they don’t want to say grace to […]

Home Made Love with the Best New Cooking Tools Ever

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Thich Nhat Hanh writes, “When you say something like I love you. . .with your whole being, not just your mouth or your intellect, it can transform the world.” Because we are interconnected, when we awaken love in ourselves and express it, our love changes the world around us.  The hearts of those we touch are opened, and they in turn touch the hearts of others. Love is the basic nature, the goodness of all […]

Detox Lemonade & a Healthy Salad

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Lunch yesterday near the office in Soho, NYC. I am obsessed with this spicy detox lemonade at Chop’t. Going to try to whip this up over the weekend and found a few recipes on line. The ingredients seem simple enough – the juice from whole lemons, maple syrup and cayenne pepper. Some add sea salt to boost the “flush”.    I know this master cleanse has been around for quite some time and Beyonce brought […]

A Super Simple Way to Prepare Farm Fresh Vegetables

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You know that wonderful feeling that bubbles up when you go to a fresh farm stand on the side of the road and you load up on your favorite vegetables? Still covered with dirt, very much “in season” and obviously locally grown.  Juicy, ripe healthy tomatoes, corn, spinach, broccoli, beets, carrots, onions, cilantro, radishes, peppers, squash, etc., stacked chin-high in old wooden crate bins. You haven’t even started cooking and your soul feels nourished. The […]

Comfort Food, Mindful Kitchens and The Simple Art of Savoring Your Meals

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Left to his own preferences, my husband will choose (actually prefer) to eat a full meal in front of the Jets game followed by a chilled bowl of chocolate ice cream. The absolutely crazy thing is, he seems so Buddha-like doing so, just delighted as he slurps his way through the soft melted mass of what I imagine for him is simply stomach-soothing flavor. Comfort food. I, on the other hand, am completely opposite. The mere thought of […]

Robots Serving Fast-Food Quinoa Bowls in San Francisco

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Across the country, restaurants are looking for innovative ways to keep employees off the balance sheet. But what’s slightly different about Eatsa is the focus on “healthier” fast food. Eatsa is using technology like iPads VS actual wait staff in San Francisco. Unlike these droids serving up delicacies in China. At Eatsa’s automat it’s pretty simple, once you place your order at a kiosk, you pick it up a few minutes later behind a glass door. The […]

Eating at Airports and Healthier Chow for Commuters

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I have been spending way too much time passing through airports this summer. I love to travel, but the food options along the way, let alone the lack of hospitality, leave much to be desired. I’d like to think that I’m that girl that packs a healthy lunch from home for the plane, but I’m not. The Commuter Chow Dilemma In my humble opinion, airport food options haven’t gotten any healthier, tastier or better. When […]