Miracles by The Moment

Our purpose here is to make sure we love enough. Madeline Johnson

You should try this trick I do, because it really helps put things in perspective. You see, I reverse engineer my timeline to determine how I should live my life now. I look to see my future.

I start by picturing myself on my death bed. I am just about to take my last few breaths and I ask myself.

Did I love enough?

I believe an act of loving kindness is the biggest contribution you can make to this world.

Love, is such a big word isn’t it? It’s almost overwhelming.  It’s a word packed with meaning.

Did I love enough? can also be interpreted as, Did I forgive enough? Did I care enough? Did I give enough? Did I encourage enough? Did I appreciate enough?

But before we can really consider how much we love, I believe we have to rethink what we perceive love to be.

What are the first thoughts that come to your mind when you think of the word love? For many of us, even thought we know better, we are brainwashed from a young age to think of love as merely an emotion we feel. We fall in love. Love is something our mother’s are suppose to give us unconditionally.


Love is not a mere sentiment of emotion, but the ultimate truth at the heart of creation.

– Deepak Chopra

What I am Reading: A Return to Love by Marianne Williamson.

I am contemplating the power of love and the role of love in our lives. I want to renew and relearn my ideas of love. I want to understand the bigger role that love plays in our lives.  The power of love.

Here below are some intriguing thoughts about love. Reflections from the book A Return to Love . .

Love is what we were born with. Fear is what we learned here.

♥ The spiritual journey is the relinquishment, or unlearning, of fear and the acceptance of love back into our hearts.

♥ Love gives energy and direction. It is spiritual fuel.

♥ Love is the essential existential fact. It is our ultimate reality and our purpose on earth. To be consciously aware of it, to experience love in us and others, it the meaning of life. ♥

♥ We came here to co-create with God by extending love.

♥ Love isn’t seen with the physical eyes or heard with the physical ears. The physical senses can’t perceive it; it’s perceived through another kind of vision.

♥ Metaphysicians call it the Third Eye, esoteric Christians call it the vision of the Holy Spirit, and others call it the Higher Self.

♥ …love requires a different kind of “seeing” than we’re used to – a different kind of knowing or thinking.

♥ Love is the intuitive knowledge of our hearts.


Am I loving enough right now?

I am staying open and aware to the opportunities to bring more love to everyone today. I will continue to demonstrate love in every aspect of my life. To love more with my thoughts, words and actions.

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Silent, Still & Open

I am removing what I thought was protecting my heart from being broken one more time. So the love can flow through.  Madeline Johnson

Psychological resistance is like an invisible wall that stands between who we are and who we want to become.

I want to be open to receiving more love.

We resist because we fear. We construct our own invisible walls of impossibility. We do this in all aspects of our lives, but the wall that can be the biggest barrier to our growth is the one we put between us and our relationships.

We need each other to survive.

Whatever you call the wall,  the emotional armor, the fence and property line that separate our thoughts and feelings from those of other people. Sometimes these boundaries keep us locked in, stunted and unable to grow.

I’m taking down my wall, brick by brick.  It starts with me.

No more interrupting what others have to say or predicting what might happen. No looking for fault lines in their character, or scanning for clues for what might hurt me in the future.

No scanning for threats and no rushing to move things along.

Adopt the pace of nature, her secret is patience.

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

I let go of unmet expectations and realize that a bit of stress is another way of showing I care.

I am not going to even try to control the conversation and I will remember it’s not only my time, it’s your time. It’s this moment.

Opening to love.

I am removing what I thought was protecting my heart from being broken one more time. So the love can flow through.

I won’t interrupt. I will stop ending moments before they have had a chance to begin.

I remain curious, looking for signs of love. Clues along the way.

Expecting more love from all.



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Maki Itanami 


Letting Others In

If you met me in person you would see that I come across as independent, contained, confident, and un-needy. Avoiding emotional engagement in relationships is my speciality. I give love out, but I can’t take it in.

In addition to fearing rejection, I  keep distant because  I don’t trust that any connection or acceptance will last. I am ambivalent about relationships—some part of me wants connection, but I am also frightened—I succumb to fear and pull away at the first sign of a disconnect, an argument, a fight.

I’m the emotionally stoic mother, wife, sister, and friend and I am rarely able to share my vulnerability.  Nobody knows my true inner feelings about why I push love away, not even myself.  I like to be the giver in a relationship. That way I never owe anyone anything. I feel like running the other way whenever anyone tries to make me feel like I’m obligated to do or feel something I don’t want to.

This is about to change.


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What Love Requires

It is the act of loving that love requires. Love needs nurturing. Love needs attention. Love needs care. Love demands appreciation and respect. Love requires giving. Sometimes giving more than you take.  Without the execution of loving acts, love dies.




“Love is a decision, it is a judgment, it is a promise. If love were only a feeling, there would be no basis for the promise to love each other forever. A feeling comes and it may go. How can I judge that it will stay forever, when my act does not involve judgment and decision.”  ―Erich Fromm


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Grand Thoughts of Peace & Love

“What if this hardship I think I have, is really an honor?”  Could it be that God believes I am so strong that I can can manage it all with Grace & Gratitude? 

When we take a moment to glimpse from a bird’s eye view of our lives, that is, to see it our lives through God’s Grand Plan, we see the bigger picture and we realize that we are here for just a short time. It is with this view that we can begin to see the things that really matter and our unique place in the world.

We take notice of how we connect to everyone and everything and how we are to love and respect all of life, including those we dislike.  Including those that turn against us and those that cause us harm. These people are our most important teachers.


There is something incredibly freeing when we see that our purpose is to forgive everyone and everything that we believe that has hurt us. To forgive those who don’t know any better, including those who may or may not be on a spiritual path, those who are clinging to a smaller sense of life and those who are white knuckling their way in fear through their short journey here on planet earth.

“Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called children of God.”

“Peace I leave with you; My peace I give to you” (John 14:27)

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 9.25.18 AM.png

Honoring it all

There is something so uplifting and empowering about believing you can honor your life with courage instead of going about your days begrudgingly. Instead of complaining and moaning about your trials and tribulations. Like I do. Like we all do.  Let’s stop this and view life another way.

I awoke this morning with a revelation. “What if this hardship I think I have, this problem, this pain, is really an honor?”  Could it be that God believes I am so strong that I can can manage it all with Grace and Gratitude?

A new perspective when life seems so hard.



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We Are Never Alone, We Are Always Loved

I am not alone. God is in me and with me, wherever I go. By Madeline Johnson

Monday morning epiphany. An epiphany – an experience of a sudden and striking realization.

I am not alone. God is in me and with me, wherever I go.

He is all around me in everything.

I give him my life today.  I ask him to manage all of my problems. He will help me to unravel my mistakes and bring peace and serenity to my heart and mind.

He will do all the heavy lifting today.

This, as I  free up my mind and my time to work on the important, with right minded intent and action.


I am radiating the regenerative life force energy –

that makes me irresistible  to love in all forms.

Love is rising up to greet me.


Life is a grindstone, and whether it grinds a girl down or polishes her up, depends on the stuff she is made of.

Josh Billings


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Norman Duenas


Lessons of Love & Effortless Action

What we receive and how much we receive is a sign of respect for the value we give. By Madeline Johnson

If love is to be my teacher, then I begin with the important questions.


Let’s interrogate love a little, shall we?

What would love teach me about trust?

Life is a continuous act of healing and forgiveness.

What would love teach me about understanding myself?

I am a sacred miracle. A divine work of art. So are you.

What would love teach me about my work?

Create everything with loving intention and attention.

What would love teach me about feeling abundant?

What we receive and how much we receive is a sign of respect for the value we give.

What is love’s lesson about life?

Every thought, word and action is infused with the divine grace to heal all suffering.


What would love say about letting go and surrendering to the divine?

Replace stress and struggle with a sense of living freely – with effortless action.

Wu Wei (pronounced ooo- way) is the early Chinese philosophy (Confucianism and Taoism) of effortless action. The art of not trying. We might understand it as a state of flow.

Do not try to be effortless.

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Sergey Fett


Opening Our Hearts Again

Trust will come again, in time, if you let it. Trust is built when we begin to understand the world around us.  Trust is a slow and steady practice of learning about the capacity of the world. Madeline Johnson

Opening our hearts again after a breakup can be an extremely difficult thing to do, if our hearts have smashed and cracked in two.

A betrayal can make you begin to think of all of the other betrayals that lie ahead of you.

A broken heart can feel like something inside of us has died. Like a part of our beautiful,  hopeful, genuine innocence has been stolen from our souls.


So how does one fall in love with life again after having been burned and broken down. How does one remove the tainted perception of suspicion and cynicism.  How does one become free and fearless again?

How do we stop the deep pain and struggle that comes from the fear of being alone and abandoned?

How do we open up to risk being hurt once again.

Do we have a choice?

If we want to live a life worth living, and not one of despair, then we must try to trust again or we will continue on, with a life filled with wasted hours, waiting around preparing to be disappointed.

There is no other option but to open our hearts again.  Even when we know there are no guarantees. 

It’s a catch 22 really.  Trust is your relationship to the unknown and well you can’t control the unknown.

Maybe, just maybe, one way to make trusting easier, is to rewrite a new history about ourselves and the pain loved caused us. To see it and feel it all differently.

Trust will come again, in time, if you let it. Trust is built when we begin to understand the world around us.  Trust is a slow and steady practice of learning about the capacity of the world.


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The Invisible Realm


Removing What Isn’t Love

At any given moment you can give up your old stories of what love is or isn’t and redefine the way you feel. By Madeline Johnson

What do I know about love? Never said. No, no. no. Dad demanded respect and mom was angry at dad.  With all that yelling and screaming, it felt as if love was too weak walk the halls of our home.  Love was too soft for stomping feet, midnight tears and hands that punched the sky.

It wasn’t mentioned, or even whispered, because it wasn’t important. Not when there was work to do, bills to pay and good grades to impress. There was struggle to be had.

Love might have been dad working to provide and mom cleaning house and making meals.

There was a movie. Love Story. It was about a man and a woman and the woman was dying of cancer. Love was sad.

Something you lose.


The first time I felt something like love was when dad brought me home a puppy. The cutest puppy in the world. That felt like joy, comfort, happiness, until I realized that someday I wouldn’t have him anymore, because he’d die.

Because love is something you lose.

The second time I felt love was on Easter. Grandpa brought me a huge milk chocolate  bunny. It was almost a foot high and I sat on the floor near the bed, hiding and ate it all before dinner. I wanted that love safe, in my belly.

Because love is something that you might lose.

What did I learn about love?

Love was something that went missing. It went upstairs to the bedroom and it moaned and groaned from the pain.

Love was still in a casket. Death unexplained. I was too young to understand.

Love was painful. It hurt like hell.

And love was embarrassing. Thanks to you Bob.  Love was everyone knowing about the cum all over your winter coat.

Love was shameful.

Love was losing him to a girl with big breasts. Love was carving my initials in my wrist. Love still knew that I did exist.

Then love became an obsession. It was to be chased. Love became a distant feeling that I wanted to grasp and hold and cling to.

But it kept running from me.

Love broke my heart wide open.

Love was fragile, something I wasn’t worthy of.

Now, I remove all of what wasn’t love, to something much more defined by me.



Tell me, what do you know about love?


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Loving Without Limits

And if we could unclench our grip from the conditional agenda, we’d be able to appreciate true moments of love more fully. By Madeline Johnson

It takes effort to love without limits.
Love is an energy exchange between you and another, but it is not a transactional one.  It’s giving and receiving, but it is not built on conditions. When we are concerned about what we are getting out of a relationship and when we are attempting to control it with our own agenda, we are creating a transactional agreement.
Love is more like a gift.
The Gift by Mary Oliver

Be still, my soul, and steadfast.
Earth and heaven both are still watching
though time is draining from the clock
and your walk, that was confident and quick,
has become slow.

So, be slow if you must, but let
the heart still play its true part.
Love still as once you loved, deeply
and without patience. Let God and the world
know you are grateful. That the gift has been given.

When the love you are seeking is based on conditions about how someone you love behaves than you are limiting the possibility of your love.
Become aware of the energy of your loving intentions. What are your true intentions for loving another? Where is your heart in all of this? Why are you so focused on an outcome?
Let what you do be done with no agenda.  Do not manipulate love. Let go of the rules. They do not apply in the game of love.
When we look at people as a means to an end, as a way get something that we think we need, we are loving them for what they bring to our lives.
Give up your expectations and love everyone in your life for who they are and no more. You will be a lot less disappointed.
Love fails when we want our loved ones to say a certain thing, behave a certain way, demonstrate their affection in a very particular manner. It is easier and more rewarding to step back and simply appreciate the ways in which they’re already doing so.
And if we could unclench our grip from the conditional agenda, we’d be able to appreciate true moments of love more fully. To allow our relationships to unveil more organically.
Love without limits is to truly appreciate people for all their behavior to cherish the good and forgive the bad –  before rushing to assign them a particular role in our lives.
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