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Going from Anxious Type A to a More Self-Healing Nature

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I’m not sure when I adapted such a stressed out, hard-charging approach to life, but I did and it sucked and I am over it. I don’t regret much, but I do feel as if my fretful, grinding approach to work and life has exhausted me with very little more to show for it. All that grind, all that toil, leading to very little added reward. What a waste of energy. Sure I feel successful, but I have […]

Say Little, Do Much

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  2. and try not to make anyone feel threatened or alienated.   Sometimes I get so damn angry with myself. I get so impatient with people and although they don’t say it, I know they feel resentful. 3. Be thoughtful. 4. Create new ideas, ways of doing things. Give the best away. Just let it go. 5. Reach out. Connect people. Cross wires to make new sparks. 6. Be the one to do the hard work. The drudge work. The […]

Something to Smile About

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Meditation is not just all breathing and quieting the mind. There are many types of meditation techniques including my absolute favorite, Smile Meditation. So, in honor of #worldsmileday  I share with you a simple way to lighten up and spark joy. To begin the inner-smile meditation, sit comfortably on a pillow or chair with your palms on your knees. Straighten your spine, lifting it up from the top of your head. Then relax the muscles […]

Lightening Up, Sparking Joy and Creating Love

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As I read many of your blogs I can see that we are on a similar path of questioning our lives, bettering ourselves and pursing our dreams. As I seek to accomplish the same, mine is a three part story and also an endless loop of lightening up, sparking joy and creating love. Creating a life that I love and that inspires the world. Success So Far Some of the less exciting details. In the past year […]