Daily Practices


The secret to real self improvement and transformation is not in any  book, quote, video or workshop.  It is in the moment-to-moment application of learning to develop new thoughts, beliefs and behavioral patterns. These can only be developed by earnestly dedicating oneself, with determination and discipline, to daily practices.

Training the Mind, Body & Soul

True improvement is the result of harnessing the power of what you have read, watched and learned into actionable things you do every single day. This is how transformation happens. This is how athletes win gold medals and actors receive Academy awards.

The Daily Practice for Building Self Worth & Self Love

You do not have to justify your existence to anyone at all. You, a miraculous child of God and you came into this world with unlimited potential and you are tapped into the endless supply of creative energy that is continually expanding with the universe. You can stop striving to prove yourself to anyone right now and sit with the knowing that you are enough, exactly as you are.  Inspired by Teal Swan. Watch her video on Self Worth, here.

Walt Whitman

The Daily Practice

Create a voice note on your phone with a list of the most believable reasons why you think you are enough, exactly as you are right now. Try not to start with things you may not believe just yet, like “I am enough, because I love myself”.  That may be a bit much for your self deprecating brain to comprehend right now.  Here is an example of my first recording. 

I am enough because I care. I care about me and I care about life. I am enough because I am a miracle of God and I was born with infinite potential and I will die with infinite potential. This potential is directly linked to God and the universe. 

My heart and soul are pure and one with the love of God and this makes me enough. The fact that I am a breathing, living, giving child of God makes me enough. My heart is filled with love, my intentions are pure and my desire to give back to the world is immense. 

I appreciate every miraculous breath. 

I search to appreciate the good in all, instead of looking for what to condem.

I am curious, open, accepting, patient, considerate, very thoughtful and I am kind. I am enough. 

I am linked, tapped in, and connected to an endless supply of infinite creativity.

I am enough, just as I am. 

self trust