You Are Not Your Fear

Do what helps you to remain calm today.  Schedule your self first, before anything else distracts your day.  Do for you. Then do for others.

Attempting to control the people in your life right now is a complete waste of energy.

Accept this reality without desiring it to be different, but please do not identify with it.

You are not your fear.

Oh yes this news of Covid-19 is frightening as hell,  but remember – it is a grievous mistake to identify with anything external.

Be realistic. Be practical.  But do not allow your restless mind to make up stories about a dystopian future.

You are not the hysteria and  your are not the hype.

When you give in to the frenzy, you cause more harm.  Complaining only makes the situation more complicated.  Complaining only causes additional pain.

real being



Featured artist Simon Hjortek

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