The Power To Do No Harm

I have the power to make choices. I have the power to remain awake and aware, to know that I am connected to everyone and everything – everyone of my actions impact all of those around me.

The power of my smile can brighten someone’s day.

The power of my words can lift or break someone’s spirit.


The power of my thoughts can destroy a dream or build a new reality.

The power of my actions, my behavior, my reactions to others – whether a glance at a stranger, a touch of a loved one, a frown to a friend or a prayer for my family.

All of these actions reverberate through their being and set their actions on a course.

We are all connected through our words and actions.

Who am I? I am not only a witness, I am a part of the whole.  Everything I think and do has an impact on the world.

I have the power to do no harm.

My role is to behave responsibly and respectfully.

My actions begin with my thoughts and my thoughts come from my mind.

If I keep my mind pristine and empty of all judgement, free of self-judgement and judgement of others, then I can be a beacon of light and love for all.

Featured Art Leonora Carrington

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