Loving, Forgiving & Living

Every experience we have in life is a blessing. The love, the hate, the betrayal, the gain and the loss.  All of life is an opportunity to grow. Yes, even the most painful experiences of deep suffering – – are all opportunities for us to evolve.  For if we are not humanly evolving, we are spiritually dying.


When we process all of our experiences with love, forgiveness and blessings in our heart, we are in constant healing mode. When we are healing we become stronger and more spiritually connected and elevated in mind and being.


One of God’s most astonishing gifts is His ability to use time to heal and redeem; to make something beautiful later of what appears ugly now.

As Mary C. Neal explains in her book 7 Lessons from Heaven

It is that moment. . . .

When you come to understand that each event in your life, spread through time and space, initiated a cascading effect of other events from which something of beauty and worth, always emerged.  

So often we forget that it is not our time, but God’s time. When we give up control, let go of the need to heal right now and begin to bless our pain, we are at peace. To forgive, to love and to hold sacred everything in our lives – this is the living prayer that keeps us connected and the path of the Bodhisattva, a spiritual warrior.


To pray with forgiveness and gratitude all day long, as a full-bodied, breathing and feeling spiritual being. To embody our prayer. To pray by involving all of the senses. To stay in this state of being throughout our lives. This is healing. This is living.


In the words of Gregg Braden. . . Each moment is a prayer. Life is a prayer.  We’re always sending a message to the mirror of creation, signaling healing or disease, peace or war, honoring or dishonoring our relationships with those we love. “Life” is the Mind of God sending back to us what we feel—what we’ve prayed.


Read more How Do You Pray? by Gregg Braden

Watch Everything is Spiritual by Rob Bell.

Author of The Diving Matrix bridging time, space, miracles and belief and The Spontaneous Healing of Belief.

7 Lessons from Heaven Mary C. Neal

Featured Artwork

Kim Simonsson of Fiskars, Finland

With life-size ceramic “Moss People” sculptures depicting innocent yet beguiling child figures, Kim Simonsson leads the viewer into an imaginative, fairytale-like world inspired by the forests of Finland. His gestures are indeed sublime. Simonsson is a superb sculptor who uses clay with great sensitivity for his subjects.

“The name Moss People refers to children’s innate camouflage,” explains Simonsson. “The moss green figures blend perfectly into their natural surroundings, just as a soft carpet of moss covers the ground, rocks and tree trunks and acts as a sort of protection. In the Moss People world, lost and disconnected children, evoking different characters, gather in a Shaman Party, choose leaders and end up creating false idols.”



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