Loving Without Limits

It takes effort to love without limits.
Love is an energy exchange between you and another, but it is not a transactional one.  It’s giving and receiving, but it is not built on conditions. When we are concerned about what we are getting out of a relationship and when we are attempting to control it with our own agenda, we are creating a transactional agreement.
Love is more like a gift.
The Gift by Mary Oliver

Be still, my soul, and steadfast.
Earth and heaven both are still watching
though time is draining from the clock
and your walk, that was confident and quick,
has become slow.

So, be slow if you must, but let
the heart still play its true part.
Love still as once you loved, deeply
and without patience. Let God and the world
know you are grateful. That the gift has been given.

When the love you are seeking is based on conditions about how someone you love behaves than you are limiting the possibility of your love.
Become aware of the energy of your loving intentions. What are your true intentions for loving another? Where is your heart in all of this? Why are you so focused on an outcome?
Let what you do be done with no agenda.  Do not manipulate love. Let go of the rules. They do not apply in the game of love.
When we look at people as a means to an end, as a way get something that we think we need, we are loving them for what they bring to our lives.
Give up your expectations and love everyone in your life for who they are and no more. You will be a lot less disappointed.
Love fails when we want our loved ones to say a certain thing, behave a certain way, demonstrate their affection in a very particular manner. It is easier and more rewarding to step back and simply appreciate the ways in which they’re already doing so.
And if we could unclench our grip from the conditional agenda, we’d be able to appreciate true moments of love more fully. To allow our relationships to unveil more organically.
Love without limits is to truly appreciate people for all their behavior to cherish the good and forgive the bad –  before rushing to assign them a particular role in our lives.
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